The Boat

We operate a Bertram 35 fishing yacht; the most proven fishing vessel on the Great Lakes! Bertram is a world famous boat company known for its outstanding construction and maneuverability. This boat design has shown time and again that it is the best possible choice when it comes to charter fishing on Lake Michigan. Our boat and captain are licensed to take up to 6 passengers on each trip. Weather is not a factor on our ship since we have a totally enclosed cockpit providing total comfort regardless of what mother nature throws at us. We have a full bathroom on the lower level. The back deck is large enough to handle multiple fish being landed at the same time and we are capable of fishing with up to 18 line/baits in the water at ONE TIME!

Our boat is equipped with state of the art fishing equipment and electronics including:

  • Auto pilot
  • Global Positioning System
  • Fish finding and depth finding graphics
  • Fish hawk electronics providing water temperature readings
  • Radar systems
  • Modern marine radios